Thursday, November 8, 2012


Adhvasana is also called as Reversed Corpse pose.  The Adhvasana is very useful to relax each and every muscle and provide them a deep repose.   The Adhvasana can be practiced with the following steps.   The Adhvasana is very useful if you have back pain related problems.  In the Adhvasana, the body stretches completely.  The two arms should be joined together ahead of the head and the legs should be stretched.  The body should lie on the stomach with normal breathing.   Here is a step by step method to practice Adhvasana.

Step by Step method to practice Adhvasana

  • First lie down on your stomach over a clean yoga mat
  • Now stretch your hands above the shoulder with palms facing downward
  • The forehead should touch the floor and the elbow should touch both the ears
  • You should keep your neck straight
  • Now maintain comfortable distance between legs
  • Now try to relax your spinal chord and lower torso
  • The arms should be straight and you should not put any pressure on your stomach
  • Concentrate on your stomach and breath rhythmically.
  • Count reverse way like 27 to 1
  • Once counting is over, return back to corpse pose.

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  1. The third and the hardest is meditation which works to bring the mind and spirit in union with the body. It requires maximum practice and dedication. Though beneficial for the body as well, it is not mandatory to be able to meditate to get the benefits of dahn yoga.


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