Saturday, December 15, 2012

How to practice Sharangata Mudra?

What is Sharangata Mudra?

 We already studied about how to practice Padmasana in my earlier article.  Now let us see what is Sharangata Mudra or the forward bending.

The position of the body in Sharangata mudra gives a feeling of submission to the Almighty God. Sharangata Mudra is one of the best yoga asanas for controlling Hypertension.  The desire of submitting to the almighty God is the main theme of this Yoga Asana.

How to practice Sharangata Mudra

You should sit  in Padmasana position before performing this asana.  Here are the steps to perform Sharangata Mudra.
  •  Inhale and raise your hands upwards from sides and the join the palms.
  • Now exhale and bend the waist so that the forehead touches the floor
  • Again inhale and raise the arms, neck and the trunk and straighten the waist.  Keep the hands outstretched above the head.
  •  Now start exhaling and bring both hands down from the sides to attain Dhyan Mudra.

The hands should be kept as outstretched as possible in this asana.  The knees should rest on the follor and spine should be kept straight in Sharangata Mudra.  The forehead should be at the farthest point from the crossed legs when you bend forward.  While stretching the hands, the arms should touch the years.

One should be in this asana for at least one and half minute or two minutes to obtain the desired results.

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